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Climeworks captures CO2 from air with the world’s first commercial carbon removal technology. Our direct air capture plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere to supply to customers and to unlock a negative emissions future.



Climeworks was founded by engineers Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher, who decided to build a company together on the day they met at university in 2003.


Jan and Christoph commenced research on direct air capture in their masters studies at the Professorship of Renewable Energy Carriers at ETH Zürich.


The first system concepts and working prototypes were developed in the laboratories of ETH Zürich.

Climeworks was established.


Climeworks closed its first financing round, providing for the construction of a first demonstration prototype, scaled-up by a factor 1’000 compared to the previous laboratory technology.


Audi becomes a customer and key partner. The car manufacturer uses Climeworks products for the production of renewable fuels from atmospheric CO2.


We developed the concept of the modular CO2 Collector as well as a working prototype.


We built the production infrastructure with a capacity of more than hundred CO2 collectors per year.

Climeworks announces participation in three leading European CO2 conversion projects (Kopernikus Power-to-X, STORE&GO, Celbicon).

Climeworks is chosen as one of 20 companies to present its technology as a potential solution to meeting climate targets at the COP22 UN Climate Change Conference 2016 in Marrakech.


Climeworks commissions the world’s first commercial-scale direct air capture plant.


Climeworks has assembled the largest team of experts in the field which is led by our founders, executive board and board of directors:

Christoph Gebald image

Christoph Gebald

Director, Founder and Member of the Board

Christoph is a mechanical engineer (ETH Zürich and UC Berkeley) and holds an MSc with distinction and a PhD from ETH Zürich. Together with Jan, Christoph is responsible for the management of the company. Christoph’s passion is the exploration of new places on a kitesurf board, skis or mountain bike.

Jan Wurzbacher image

Jan Wurzbacher

Director, Founder and Member of the Board

Jan is a mechanical engineer (ETH Zürich and University of New South Wales, Sydney) and holds an MSc with distinction and a PhD from ETH Zürich. Together with Christoph, Jan is responsible for the management of the company. Besides Climeworks, Jan is dedicated to windsurfing, skiing, and discovering new cities and beaches.

Dominique Kronenberg image

Dominique Kronenberg


Dominique holds an MSc in mechanical engineering from ETH Zürich. Dominique is responsible for ensuring Climeworks’ operations. Dominique spends his free time with his family. He is an enthusiastic tennis player, loves any kind of outdoor activities and travelling off the beaten track.

Dr. Rainer A. Rueppel image

Dr. Rainer A. Rueppel

Member of the Board

Dr. Rueppel is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with a focus on technology and finance. He is a founder or co-founder of several companies and holds several board positions.
His background is computer science and applied mathematics. He holds a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) and was Assistant Professor at the University of California in San Diego (UCSD).

Christoph Bechtler image

Christoph Bechtler

Member of the Board

Christoph Bechtler is responsible for the direct and real estate investments of Hesta AG, a Swiss investment company. Before joining the family business, he successfully founded several e-commerce businesses in Switzerland and worked as consultant for Bain & Company. Christoph studied at the University of St. Gallen.

Dr. iur. Martin Burkhardt image

Dr. iur. Martin Burkhardt

Member of the Board

Dr. Burkhardt is Partner at Lenz & Staehelin where he represents parties in commercial litigation and international arbitration. He also sits as arbitrator. His practice areas include dispute resolution, international legal assistance, contract and commercial, international private law, insolvency and restructuring as well as internal investigations.
He studied law at the University of St.Gallen (lic. iur.) and the University of California Berkeley Law School (LL.M.). He holds a L.D. from the University of St.Gallen (Dr. iur.) and has been admitted to the New York Bar and the Zürich Bar.


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Climeworks has built high-quality production facilities, which can produce more than one hundred CO2 collectors each year.

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Climeworks is Climeworks not because of its offices, machines or patents, but primarily because of its people.


Direct air capture is a disruptive approach for mitigating the increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Industrialising direct air capture technology in turn requires disruptive engineering approaches.


Climeworks is among the only scalable solutions to remove CO2 from the air without unintended consequences.

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