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Climeworks built and operates the world’s first commercial direct air capture plant, which is removing 900 tonnes of CO2 from ambient air per year.

The plant is installed at the KEZO waste incineration facility in Hinwil, Canton of Zürich, Switzerland, which powers the direct air capture plant with heat. The high purity CO2 is delivered to the neighbouring greenhouse operated by Gebrüder Meier. The gas is pumped into the greenhouse atmosphere, enhancing vegetable and lettuce growth by up to 20 per cent. The project has been supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy within the framework of its pilot and demonstration program.

  • “Utilizing local CO2 from ambient air is in line with our standards for sustainable production and has a positive effect on the marketing of our products.”

    Fritz Meier, Gebrüder Meier
  • “By collaborating with Climeworks we can utilize additional waste heat which increases the efficiency of our plant and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time.”

    Daniel Böni, KEZO

Plant type:

Climeworks Plant DAC-18

CO2 capacity nominal:

2’460 kg per day

CO2 application:

CO2 enrichment of commercial greenhouse

Greenhouse size:

37’632 m2

Effect inside greenhouse:

Increase in crop yield by up to 20%

Heat source:

Waste heat from waste incineration plant


Hinwil, Switzerland


31st of May 2017



Gebrüder Meier

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