Historic Carbon Dioxide Removal Contracts Signed

Robert and Barney Swan

Here at Climeworks, we are developing solutions to achieve the Paris Agreement climate goals and a low-carbon future. We knew that the potential for scaling up our technology with carbon storage was enormous, but we needed to get companies on board.

This has now been achieved: by removing an equivalent amount of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere and storing them underground via the CarbFix process in Iceland, we are enabling our customers to reverse the effect of unavoidable emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.

We recently signed two historic contracts, making us the first company to be commissioned to remove CO2 permanently from the atmosphere for our customers. The customers who have signed up for our Carbon Dioxide Removal solution are:

Robert and Barney Swan

This father and son duo recently completed the 2041 South Pole Energy Challenge (the first polar expedition using only renewable energies), and are using our technology to reverse emissions stemming from flights and associated logistics to make the expedition net positive.

The father-son duo is dedicated to showing the world how important reducing carbon emissions is for the future of our planet. “The answers are simple”, they said. “[We must] tangibly remove CO2 through emission solutions like Climeworks technology, reforestation projects, and carbon policy. Through engaging with big and small commitments surrounding sustainability, we intend to clean up 326 million tons of CO2 over the next 6 years.”

ClimateWorks Foundation

This is a global NGO working to strengthen the philanthropic sector’s response to climate change. They signed up to the Climeworks solution to reverse the impact of the indirect emissions created by services and products purchased by an organization – the so-called Scope Two and Three emissions.

We are looking forward to helping more companies become carbon neutral through our solution, bringing us closer to our goal of capturing 1% of global emissions by 2025.

For more information, please take a look at the press release below and keep up to date on our progress via our newsletter and social media.

If you are interested in signing up to our Carbon Dioxide Removal solution, please contact us at contact@climeworks.com.

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