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Most of the world’s energy comes from burning fossil fuels. This process takes carbon, which is safely locked up in these fossil fuels beneath the ground, and releases it into the atmosphere. These CO2 emissions are directly linked to global warming.

Climeworks takes this CO2 back out of the air, and produces a pure CO2 gas which can be combined with H2O (water) to create fuel, as well as other carbon-based products such as plastics.

Instead of releasing more CO2 from fossil fuels, we recycle CO2 that has already been released into the air. We close the carbon cycle.

Using Climeworks Plants, CO2 for fuel and materials synthesis is generated on site, literally out of thin air. The direct air capture systems can be powered by waste heat from the synthesis plant, making Climeworks CO2 both competitive and sustainable.

Our technology can be located anywhere and guarantees security of supply and high purity CO2. As an added benefit, our technology captures part of the air’s humidity through which water required for electrolysis can be obtained.

Our modular design allows plants to be built easily to any size depending on needs, and to optionally include equipment for compression, storage and analysis of CO2 gas. Our plants are fully automated and suitable for autonomous 24/7 operation. We offer a range of services ranging from remote service options to complete plant operations in certain regions.


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