Food & Beverage

Using a Climeworks Plant, bottling companies can generate high purity CO2 on site, literally out of thin air. By relying on air as our CO2 source, Climeworks can guarantee a continuous and competitive supply combined with the highest supply security. Climeworks Plants are especially attractive where waste heat is available, e.g. from neighbouring industries, as this can be used to power our plants.

Our modular design allows plants to be built easily to any size depending on needs, and to optionally include equipment for liquefaction and purification of CO2 gas to meet the highest standards in the food and beverage industry. Our plants are fully automated and can run autonomously 24/7. We offer services ranging from remote service options to complete plant operations in certain regions.

Further applications of Climeworks CO2 in the food and beverage sector include:

  • Carrier gas in bars and restaurants for draft beer and soft drinks
  • Inert gas for packing fresh meat and vegetables
  • Dry ice used for freezing or chilling food


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