Farmers use greenhouses to create finely tuned conditions to ensure optimum yield from their crops. Raising CO2 levels within these greenhouses increases the rate of photosynthesis which can boost the crop yield by up to 20 per cent.

Using Climeworks Plants, greenhouses can generate CO2 on site directly from the air. Current common CO2 sources, such as flue gas from natural gas fired boilers or liquefied industrial CO2, rely on access to a natural gas grid or truck transport. By eliminating transportation, Climeworks guarantees a continuous and competitive supply. Climeworks CO2 Plants are especially attractive where waste heat is available, e.g. from neighbouring industries, as this can be used to power our plants.

Our modular design allows plants to easily be built and expanded to any size depending on needs, and to optionally include equipment for liquefaction and storage of CO2 gas. Our plants are fully automated and suitable for autonomous 24/7 operation. We offer a range of services ranging from remote service options to complete plant operations in certain regions.

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